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Why Mulch?

Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of a tree. Mulch can reduce water loss from the soil, minimize weed competition, and improve soil structure. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance. Mulch must be applied properly; if it is too deep or if the wrong material is used, it can actually cause significant harm to trees and other landscape plants.

Benefits of Proper Mulching

· Helps maintain soil moisture. Evaporation is reduced, and the need for watering can be minimized.

· Helps control weeds. A 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch will reduce the germination and growth of weeds.

· Mulch serves as nature’s insulating blanket. Mulch keeps soils warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

· Many types of mulch can improve soil aeration, structure (aggregation of soil particles), and drainage over time.

· Some mulches can improve soil fertility.

· A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases.

· Mulching around trees helps facilitate maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of damage from “weed whackers” or the dreaded “lawn mower blight.”

· Mulch can give planting beds a uniform, well-cared-for look.